Joint action towards access for Recreation and Rehabilitation for people with disabilities (Grado, Italy)

Grado, an island situated in the Northern part of the Adriatic Sea in the Friuli Venezia Gulia region of Italy was the place of the FIMITIC Executive Board meeting on February 20-22, 2004.The day-long meetings in the Hotel RIALTO were dealing with the Programme of Action in a period dominated by radical changes for

FIMITIC Executive Board meeting in Slovak Republic: Implementing rights of participation of disabled people

The FIMITIC Executive Board met on October 3-4, 2003 in Bratislava to reflect the historically achieved during half a century of the Federations´ existence and at the same time to ensure further on that the role and involvement of people with physical disability will be incorporated in any decision on their working and living conditions.It is most essential that the rights of involvement and participation of disabled people are translated into practice if the expanded EU is to form a cohesive entity in a huger area taking into account the variety of their traditions and experiences an

Meeting of disabled persons of Alpe Adria region

Feletto Umberto, May 17th 2003.

There was a meeting of disabled persons of Alpe Adria region in Udine. Participants were representatives from disabled organizations from Carinthia (Austria), Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), HSUTI(Croatia) and Slovenia.

The subject of the meeting was "Europe: the Legislations which Rule Disability".

Great Manifestation of the European Year of People with Disabilities - EYPD - 2003

Rome, Olimpico Theater, April 4, 2003

Great Manifestation of the European Year of People with Disabilities - EYPD - 2003


Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of FIMITIC

Rome, Campidoglio, Promoteca Hall, April 3, 2003

The ceremony with reception offered by the Municipality of Rome was attended by representatives of 15 FIMITIC member countries. Addresses at this marking fiftieth year event were given by Mr. Giovanni Pagano, the National President of the FIMITIC´s Italian member association  ANMIC (National Association of Disabled and Civil Invalids), Mr. Marjan Kroflič, Vice-President, FIMITIC, and Mrs. Ileana Argentin, the responsible person in charge of the policy of disabled people in Rome.

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