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Portugal: ANDST - National Association of Disabled Workers - urging pension improvements for people suffering from work accident


After April 25, pensions, for work accident or professional disease, were actualized for the first time, in 1975, with the promulgation of Decree-Law 668/75, from November 24, being indexed to the update of the national minimum wage. Since that year, the update of these pensions has been based on the percentage of increase of the national minimum wage. Even in 1997, during the discussion of the Draft-Law 67/VII, at the Republic Assembly, - that led to Law 100/97, from September 13 -, Teixeira dos Santos, Secretary of state of the Treasury and Finance at the time (current minister), said about the need of changing a legislation that was inappropriate to the realities of the new world of work which dated from 1965, in order to abandoned the concept of retribution-base and that the calculation of compensation and pensions could take into consideration the national minimum wage.As we know, the repair of work accidents are ensured by private insurers. And the branch of workplace accidents is not at all bad for insurance companies. On the contrary, the value of compensations paid is well below the revenue collected.

FIMITIC condemns military actions in Middle East

FIMITIC, the International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability, deeply concerned with the military escalations in the Middle East and violation by all parties in the conflict, herewith strongly

Reaffirms its commitment to the Geneva Convention on Human Rights

Condemns anywar because wars create suffering for all people and create additional disabilities

Realizes the extremely difficult situation for all victims of the cruel conflict, their suffering and death of the civilian populations

Global Health priority issue towards equal opportunities for disabled people

Today: World Health Day 2006 “Working together for health”

The European Commission takes side of disabled air passengers

European Disability Forum

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“Discrimination against disabled people is completely against the European Union ideal” says Vice-President of the European Commission, Jacques Barrot

FIMITIC mourns Madrid tragedy

Sympathy and condolence with the Spanish people

Bonn, Germany, 12 March 2004

On the occasion of the deadly coordinated terrorist bombings in Madrid the FIMITIC President Marija-Lidija Stiglic approached the President Emili Ramón Figueras Masip of the Spanish member association PREDIF (National Representative Platform of Physically Disabled Persons), with the following letter of sympathy and condolence:

Deeply shocked by the tragedy caused by the current series of cruel assassination attempts in the heart of Spain whose magnitude has caused considerable loss of life and extremely severe damages to the citizens and the country’s general infrastructure with obvious repercussions on the national economy and health situation, personally and in the name of FIMITIC, its Executive Board and members I am expressing full solidarity with the suffering Spanish people.

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