Successful project in Austria: Positive action as a strategy for the fight against discrimination

27/04/2010 - Within the framework of the EU PROGRESS programme supporting national activities for the detection of good practice in fighting discrimination and the promotion of equality the Ludwig Boltzmann society - institute for human rights (BIM), Vienna has published a manual (in German) about the practical implementation of measures for the fight against structural discriminations and for supporting equality.

40th Anniversary of ÖZIV (Austrian Association of Civilian Handicapped)

In one of the world biggest Art areas - in the meantime adapted and in a broader sense accessible - the MQ in Vienna was the festivity place of the 40th Anniversary of ÖZIV, same time summarizing the ÖZIV Action Days, the Awareness raising events during the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003, being organized some days ahead.Dr. Klaus Voget, the re-elected ÖZIV President, on the occasion presented in his welcome speech and introduction the most important moments of the ÖZIV history.

Meeting of disabled persons of Alpe Adria region

Feletto Umberto, May 17th 2003.

There was a meeting of disabled persons of Alpe Adria region in Udine. Participants were representatives from disabled organizations from Carinthia (Austria), Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), HSUTI(Croatia) and Slovenia.

The subject of the meeting was "Europe: the Legislations which Rule Disability".

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