3rd FIMITIC Women Conference - Resolution

The improvement in the legal situation of women has been considerable in many spheres of life, equal rights are yet to be realised. This situation is even more acute for disabled women in comparison to non disabled women and disabled men.


3rd FIMITIC Women Conference - material added

Marjan Kroflič's presentation titled

"Disabled women discrimination - an example of twofold discrimination?" was added.

You can get the presentation below.



European Commission: Proposal to advance the principle of gender neutrality

The proposal focuses specifically on the access to and supply of goods and services. So. for example, the use of sex as a factor in the calculation of premiums and benefits for insurance and related financial services would be prohibited.Despite various political commitments to equality of women and men, despite strong Treaty provisions and international texts signed by all EU Member States, the European Commission has only taken a first step to address the unequal status of women and men in society.

European Commission: Action plan for people with disabilities

The Action plan, which will run from 2004 to 2010, demonstrates the commitments of the Commission to concrete follow-up of the designation of 2003 as European Year of People with Disabilities.

Relevant link to EU website.

European Parliament of Disabled People

The European Parliament was host of the Disabled People´s Parliament Event held on November 10-11, 2003 at the European Parliament Hemicycle in Brussels. The Event was marking the 10th Anniversary of the UN Standard Rules and the European Year of Disabled People 2003.
The event was organized in co-operation with the European Commission and the European Disability Forum - EDF -.300 delegates and observers representing the disability movement from 28 European countries under attendance of many Members of the European Parliament - MEPs - took part in this unique Event.

3rd FIMITIC Women Conference - "Improving Quality of Life of Women with Disability"

The Third FIMITIC Women Conference in cooperation with the Croatian Union of Associations of Persons with Disabilities - SOIH - and under auspices of the Secretary General of Council of Europe, Mr.

40th Anniversary of ÖZIV (Austrian Association of Civilian Handicapped)

In one of the world biggest Art areas - in the meantime adapted and in a broader sense accessible - the MQ in Vienna was the festivity place of the 40th Anniversary of ÖZIV, same time summarizing the ÖZIV Action Days, the Awareness raising events during the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003, being organized some days ahead.Dr. Klaus Voget, the re-elected ÖZIV President, on the occasion presented in his welcome speech and introduction the most important moments of the ÖZIV history.

FIMITIC Executive Board meeting in Slovak Republic: Implementing rights of participation of disabled people

The FIMITIC Executive Board met on October 3-4, 2003 in Bratislava to reflect the historically achieved during half a century of the Federations´ existence and at the same time to ensure further on that the role and involvement of people with physical disability will be incorporated in any decision on their working and living conditions.It is most essential that the rights of involvement and participation of disabled people are translated into practice if the expanded EU is to form a cohesive entity in a huger area taking into account the variety of their traditions and experiences an

FIMITIC in action in Slovak Republic: Slovakia faced talks on the future disability policy

With the Executive Board meeting two days ahead, at the beginning of October 2003 in Bratislava representatives of FIMITIC and its Slovak member association, the Slovak Federation of Physically Disabled People, met to discuss the present situation of disabled people in Slovak Republic and to agree on the common first steps to be taken by disabled people on their way the country will join the European Union in May of next year.

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