3rd Women Conference

Speech by Mr Riccardo RONCORONI

Speech by Mr Riccardo RONCORONI

3rd FIMITIC Women Conference on "Improving quality of life of women with disabilities"

7/9 November  2003


Mr Chairman, Official Authorities, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your conference is indeed a major event for women with disabilities not only in Croatia, as hosting Country, but also in Europe at large. I would therefore like to start, on behalf of the European Commission, by congratulating all the organisers for having organised such an international conference.

ILO Promotes Decent Work for All, Mia Väisänen, ILO

Presentation to Third FIMITIC Women Conference on
"Improving Quality of Life of Women with Disability"
Zagreb, Croatia, 8 - 7 November 2003

3rd FIMITIC Women Conference - Resolution

The improvement in the legal situation of women has been considerable in many spheres of life, equal rights are yet to be realised. This situation is even more acute for disabled women in comparison to non disabled women and disabled men.


3rd FIMITIC Women Conference - material added

Marjan Kroflič's presentation titled

"Disabled women discrimination - an example of twofold discrimination?" was added.

You can get the presentation below.



3rd FIMITIC Women Conference - "Improving Quality of Life of Women with Disability"

The Third FIMITIC Women Conference in cooperation with the Croatian Union of Associations of Persons with Disabilities - SOIH - and under auspices of the Secretary General of Council of Europe, Mr.

2nd Announcement of the Third FIMITIC Women Conference 2003

The final update of the documents referring to the Conference have been made.
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Final preparatory meeting for the Third Women Conference 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia

Something extra was offfered at the idyllic Siofok at the southern edge of the Lake Balaton by FIMITIC´s member association MEOSZ (National Federation of Associations of Physically Disabled Persons in Hungary) on August 21-23, 2003.

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