Annual meeting of the Poliomyelitis Association in Thuringia, Germany

Traditionally the FIMITIC President Marija-Lidija Stiglic was invited to attend the annual Polio-Day event in Kromsdorf Castle nearby Weimar, Thuringia, Germany, giving a presentation of FIMITIC´s work especially on the outcome of the European Year of Disabled People 2003, the efforts after the EU-Enlargement with specific impact on disabled people, the campaigns after the EU-Parliament elections, and the concept to achieve non-discrimination legislation in the member countries. She underlined the need of an Equality Act for disabled people in Thuringia.

Media Release: A stronger voice of disabled people in an enlarged Europe

Joint Board meeting of FIMITIC and the Estonian Member

Association  ELIL (Estonian Union of Persons with Mobility Impairment),

July 9, 2004 in Tallinn, Estonia

Main Topic: Socio-political situation of disabled people in Europe


A stronger voice of disabled people in an enlarged Europe

Tallinn, Estonia,  July 9, 2004

The campaign led by organizations of people with disabilities in Slovenia to include 'disability' into Article 14 of the Slovene Constitution has successfully been finished!

Human rights are by all means a constitutional category in the Republic of Slovenia. In the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Journal of RS, No. 33/1991) Article 14 of Chapter 2 (Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms) lays down that to everyone are ensured equal human rights and fundamental freedoms.

EYPD 2003: Final Reports from Members added

A few of the final reports for EYPD 2003 have been submitted by our members.

You can view the reports here.

FIMITIC mourns the Madrid tragedy

BONN - FIMITIC is opposed to any violence because violence creates suffering for all people and creates additional disabilities:

FIMITIC mourns Madrid tragedy, the sympathy and condolences letter to the Spanish member association PREDIF.

Press release

FIMITIC mourns Madrid tragedy

Sympathy and condolence with the Spanish people

Bonn, Germany, 12 March 2004

On the occasion of the deadly coordinated terrorist bombings in Madrid the FIMITIC President Marija-Lidija Stiglic approached the President Emili Ramón Figueras Masip of the Spanish member association PREDIF (National Representative Platform of Physically Disabled Persons), with the following letter of sympathy and condolence:

Deeply shocked by the tragedy caused by the current series of cruel assassination attempts in the heart of Spain whose magnitude has caused considerable loss of life and extremely severe damages to the citizens and the country’s general infrastructure with obvious repercussions on the national economy and health situation, personally and in the name of FIMITIC, its Executive Board and members I am expressing full solidarity with the suffering Spanish people.

Joint action towards access for Recreation and Rehabilitation for people with disabilities (Grado, Italy)

Grado, an island situated in the Northern part of the Adriatic Sea in the Friuli Venezia Gulia region of Italy was the place of the FIMITIC Executive Board meeting on February 20-22, 2004.The day-long meetings in the Hotel RIALTO were dealing with the Programme of Action in a period dominated by radical changes for

BULGARIA: Declaration on the recent situation with the disability movement

During the last few months there is a tendency for “seizing” the voices and “substituting” the requests of thousands people with disabilities from small organizations, representing the interests of few people with marked personal financial interests. This is not connected only with legislative non-observance in the sphere of disabled persons, including few state authorities and the Parliament, as well as attacks on the existing legislative regulations.

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