Annual meeting of the Poliomyelitis Association in Thuringia, Germany

Traditionally the FIMITIC President Marija-Lidija Stiglic was invited to attend the annual Polio-Day event in Kromsdorf Castle nearby Weimar, Thuringia, Germany, giving a presentation of FIMITIC´s work especially on the outcome of the European Year of Disabled People 2003, the efforts after the EU-Enlargement with specific impact on disabled people, the campaigns after the EU-Parliament elections, and the concept to achieve non-discrimination legislation in the member countries. She underlined the need of an Equality Act for disabled people in Thuringia. Present were the Chairperson of the German Federal Poliomyelitis Association Hans-Joachim Wöbbeking, the Chairwomen of the regional Thuringia Poliomyelitis branch Anita Diener and numerous delegates from the east German Polio branches. It was a good opportunity to have an exchange of views on questions of mutual interest and on the way of strengthening the cooperation on national and international levels.

The Member of European Parliament, Dr. Dieter-Lebrecht Koch, Vice-President of the Disability Intergroup - DI - of the European Parliament, during the meeting emphasized the importance to motivate the newly elected Members of Parliament to join the work of the informal cross party group of European Parliamentarians of the 25 EU member states dealing with disability issues.

The chief physician of the well-known polio specialized rehabilitation Miriquidi clinic of the Thermal-Spa Wiesenbad, Dr. Sylvia Täubel, made an itemized presentation on the 'post-polio-syndrom' care.

It was a well performed event with a unique socio-political and cultural effect in the Kromsdorf Castle near by Weimar, which is headquarter of the Thuringia Film Studio and the traditionally and historically developed cultural centre of the region, accessible with an elevator especially built for visitors with reduced mobility. Kromsdorf Castle with its beautiful garden is offering good conditions for similar events.

As follow-up of the initiated 'Weimar Action days' to support the accessibility aspect in 1998, of which FIMITIC was the co-organizer on the wave of the European cultural city, a review was made on the occasion also meeting the Mayor of Weimar Dr. Volker Germer and one of the main senior regional advisers within the disability movement, Wolfgang Knaut.

Kromsdorf Castle/Weimar, June 26, 2004