UN Committee negotiating Treaty on Rights of Persons with Disabilities to meet at UN Headquarters

Committee negotiating Treaty on Rights of Persons with Disabilities to meet at UN Headquarters, 24 January - 2 February 2005

New York, January 22, 2005 - The work with the UN Convention makes people with disabilities more visible.

European Day of Disabled People 2004

Brussels, December 2-3, 2004 - Creating the conditions to promote the Employment of People with Disabilities

The theme of the European Commission Conference has been chosen in line with the recent European Commission Communication on the follow-up of the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003 and its corresponding Action Plan on Disability.

Main conference topics were:

Situation report on organizations of disabled people in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

After the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) a new statutory and legislative order on the basis of the new territorial, economic-political and ideological relationship order was established.

Liasion partners - Cooperation between FIMITIC and Physical Disability Council of Australia (PDCA)

As follow-up of a liaison partnership starting in 2002 and the need to exchange information and experience, improve networking, building new partnerships for projects, develop campaigns in the Asia-Pacific-Region, a cooperation concept was developed, which shall officially come into life in near future.

The main intention in line with the Articles of Association of FIMITIC and PDCA shall be:

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations inaugurated

In line with the information received by the FIMITIC liaison partner in the Asia-Pacific-Region - PDCA - (Physical Disability Council of Australia) the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations was built up earlier this year in Canberra.

Annual meeting of the Poliomyelitis Association in Thuringia, Germany

Traditionally the FIMITIC President Marija-Lidija Stiglic was invited to attend the annual Polio-Day event in Kromsdorf Castle nearby Weimar, Thuringia, Germany, giving a presentation of FIMITIC´s work especially on the outcome of the European Year of Disabled People 2003, the efforts after the EU-Enlargement with specific impact on disabled people, the campaigns after the EU-Parliament elections, and the concept to achieve non-discrimination legislation in the member countries. She underlined the need of an Equality Act for disabled people in Thuringia.

FIMITIC mourns the Madrid tragedy

BONN - FIMITIC is opposed to any violence because violence creates suffering for all people and creates additional disabilities:

FIMITIC mourns Madrid tragedy, the sympathy and condolences letter to the Spanish member association PREDIF.

Press release

3rd FIMITIC Women Conference - Resolution

The improvement in the legal situation of women has been considerable in many spheres of life, equal rights are yet to be realised. This situation is even more acute for disabled women in comparison to non disabled women and disabled men.


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