Liasion partners - Cooperation between FIMITIC and Physical Disability Council of Australia (PDCA)

As follow-up of a liaison partnership starting in 2002 and the need to exchange information and experience, improve networking, building new partnerships for projects, develop campaigns in the Asia-Pacific-Region, a cooperation concept was developed, which shall officially come into life in near future.

The main intention in line with the Articles of Association of FIMITIC and PDCA shall be:

  • to benefit from a wider Network of Persons with Physical Disability (PPD) thus making FIMITIC and PDCA activities better known vice-versa
  • to strengthen activities on international level to promote equal opportunities and non-discrimination of disabled people and
  • to guarantee and protect their fundamental human rights by means of active involvement in policy developments and campaigns on disability rights

with focus on making Persons with Physical Disability and their concerns more visible in all sectors of life, world-wide.

Thanks to PDCA President Maurice Corcoran and the Chief Executive Officer Sue Egan for the important initiative taken!

Information on PDCA is available at