Taking Action on the International Day of Disabled Persons December 3rd, 2005

On this International Day of Disabled Persons on December 3rd, highlighting
the theme

“Rights of People with Disabilities: Action in development”

the International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability – FIMITIC –

is calling to all involved in disability related policy, systems and decision making processes that efforts on national and international level shall be undertaken to strengthen programmes, policies and strategies with practical steps in promotion of equal opportunities of human rights and participation in society, to make stronger commitment to implementation of the international human rights instruments and to increase public awareness of these issues.

Marija-Lidija Stiglic awarded the FIMITIC Gold Badge

Bonn, October 2005 - The International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability – FIMITIC – is pleased to announce that the highest FIMITIC Award, the Gold Badge, is presented recently to Marija-Lidija Stiglic, the former President and Secretary General for many years, contributing directly to the FIMITIC disability movement.

Marija-Lidija Stiglic is also nominated Honorary President of FIMITIC on the occasion.

FIMITIC Awards 2005

Bonn, Germany, 2005 - FIMITIC is pleased to announce the Award recipients 2005, honouring those who reflect by their examples in an exemplary way the FIMITIC goals thus contributing to progressive development in the field of rehabilitation.

Procap Switzerland - an effective presentation example

In the frame of the FIMITIC Delegates´ Conference 2005 on October 06, 2005 in Nottwil the delegates were invited by the host FIMITIC member association procap Switzerland to attend a power point presentation on its organizational structure, activity and aims. The offered presentation was received very favourably by the participants.

Read here the short version (German and English), more information is available at www.procap.ch

FIMITIC Socio-political health Seminar on "Medical progress for everybody - requirements for a fair distribution of medical services"

Nottwil, Switzerland, October 07 2005 - The two partite FIMITIC Socio political health Seminar day following a film presentation and study visit in the well known Paraplegics Rehabilitation Centre in Nottwil, the biggest special clinic of its kind in Europe which offers a holistic rehabilitation for paraplegic (

FIMITIC Delegates´ Conference on October 8, 2005 in Nottwil, Switzerland

The FIMITIC Delegates´ Conference 2005 approved the reports of the past period together with the FIMITIC Internal Rules and developed a forward looking strategy by adoption of the biannual work programme 2006-2007 on the basis of the submitted motions as follows:

Possibilities and Ways and Exchange of Information inside FIMITIC Family

Marjan Kroflič, former FIMITIC Vice-president from the Federation of Disabled Workers of Slovenia, submitted on the FIMITIC delegates conference power point presentation on the possible ways of exchange information inside FIMITIC. To get information on disability issues is not possible only trough questionaires from the members but also from the internet.

Assessment and Accreditation of rehabilitation centres - The new International and European reality

Nottwill, Oktober 08. 2005 - National Federation of Mobility Impaired People - N.F.M.I.P Greece submitted by Vassilios Dimitriadis the following proposal for future FIMITIC work programme:

As we all know in most of the developed countries the rehabilitation centers and health services are dedicated to quality and customers satisfaction.

Recent news from the Federation of Disabled Workers of Slovenia

The Federation of Disabled Workers of Slovenia is developing the project "Disabled-Friendly Municipality" in accordance with its status of a representative disabled people's organization in Slovenia, its mission, goals and tasks as well as in accordance with international documents, especially in the spirit of Agenda 22, with the purpose of further encouraging local communities - municipalities to the planned and permanent activities leading to better quality of common life for all residents, especially the disabled in their environment, social inclusion of the disabled and their

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