FIMITIC Socio-political health Seminar on "Medical progress for everybody - requirements for a fair distribution of medical services"

Nottwil, Switzerland, October 07 2005 - The two partite FIMITIC Socio political health Seminar day following a film presentation and study visit in the well known Paraplegics Rehabilitation Centre in Nottwil, the biggest special clinic of its kind in Europe which offers a holistic rehabilitation for paraplegic (, has pointed out the urgency of discussion on the treated subject and of further on carrying out the dialogue and the corresponding actions.

The member associations are urged to make the current discussion and the presented concerns known in the individual member countries and to contribute to bring about tangible discussion progress and ways for solution in the field of a fair distribution of medical services especially also for disabled people. Any issue related feedback from the member countries is of utmost importance for follow-up!

We do hope that FIMITIC will continue to have the ongoing support for the future discussions to be led in this highly charged issue.

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