FIMITIC Awards 2005

Bonn, Germany, 2005 - FIMITIC is pleased to announce the Award recipients 2005, honouring those who reflect by their examples in an exemplary way the FIMITIC goals thus contributing to progressive development in the field of rehabilitation.Marjan Kroflic
International Liaison Officer of ZDIS (Federation of Disabled Workers of Slovenia) for many years and outgoing Vice-President of FIMITIC

presented during the FIMITIC Management Board meeting on July 2, 2005 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In recognition of his extraordinary personal contribution for promotion of civil rights of persons with disabilities and of continuous efforts to integrate persons with disabilities in work, vocational training and society on national and international level as well as for its fight for improvements in the legislation of the socio-political field.

avanti donne
The network for women and girls with disability, Switzerland

(avanti donne, ein Netzwerk für Frauen und Mädchen mit Behinderung, Schweiz )

presented at the FIMITIC Delegates´ Conference closing event in Lucerne on October 08, 2005 to the women co-leaders
Rita Vökt - Iseli and Hanne Müller

in recognition of the networkÂ’s efforts for promotion of civil and human rights of women an girls with disability in Switzerland and of its continuous encouragement and support towards improvement of their quality of life and equal participation in society on national level