Romania´s successful action

The FIMITIC Executive Board attended the International AHNR Seminar
entitled "Accessibility - A Matter of Dignity for the Whole Society", taking place on July 11, 2003 at Hotel Parc in Bucharest.

FIMITIC present in Romania: Deeper participation for greater benefits of disabled people

The FIMITIC Executive Board held its meeting on July 10 and 12 at Hotel Parc in Bucharest on invitation of its Romanian member, the Association of the Neuromotor Handicapped in Romania - AHNR -.

Marking FIMITIC´s fiftieth year in 2003 its Executive Board took the Bucharest meeting opportunity

International Seminar on "Accessibility - a matter of dignity for the whole society"

New content added from the International Seminar o­n "Accessibility - a matter of dignity for the whole society" which took place in Bucharest, Romania o­n the 11th of July 2003.

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