FIMITIC present in Romania: Deeper participation for greater benefits of disabled people

The FIMITIC Executive Board held its meeting on July 10 and 12 at Hotel Parc in Bucharest on invitation of its Romanian member, the Association of the Neuromotor Handicapped in Romania - AHNR -.

Marking FIMITIC´s fiftieth year in 2003 its Executive Board took the Bucharest meeting opportunity

  • to discuss the conclusions and experience of the Rome events in April 2003 and the chalenges to be speedly faced with
  • to use its whole potential to pave the route for the planned Third Women Conference in November 2003 in Croatia
  • for a review and evaluation of the radically changed new organisational structure of FIMITIC
  • for further reputation building to maintain and develop its role, raising the organisation´s profile
  • of supporting the efforts of the FIMITIC´s member countries, motivating them to stronge participate in activities on national and international level
  • to approve the routinely consultation by the main international agencies and involvment into campaigning and development of the human rights and opportunities of disabled people
  • to facilitate new, value-adding issues ensuring that the interests of disabled people are taken into account
  • to compelle the financial and practical realities
  • to tackle with the above areas for the time ahead especially with view to the Delegates` Conference in 2005 for approval.