Romania´s successful action

The FIMITIC Executive Board attended the International AHNR Seminar
entitled "Accessibility - A Matter of Dignity for the Whole Society", taking place on July 11, 2003 at Hotel Parc in Bucharest.

Eleven years experience in the disability domain do result into positive achievements of AHNR now of an increased awareness raising action started in 2001 and going on till 2005 within the first national public accessibility campaign, the Project "Towns for All", while spreading knowledge about the needs of disabled people in Romania in order to make public buildings, housing, outdoor environment and transportation accessible with the aim to show the way how Romania could become an accessible country for disabled people. Again, it became evident that constantly FIMITIC and its members are bound to act together sharing best practices, aid and capacity building as the AHNR example in Romania is showing.

The FIMITIC Board representatives presented well founded papers o­n accessibility from seven different countries during the event thus contributing with their expertise to the high level seminar.

In her address the FIMITIC President Marija Stiglic underlined the signal from Bucharest to be heard: Disabled people want ot be listened to, to have equal protection of the law and to be included into society and regarded as citizens with rights and duties like others. In spite of the rich and long experience FIMITIC and its member associations have in the field they are furtheron fighting against the indifference of the environment towards the fate of the disability and the thoughtlessnes approaching to the disabled in the member countries.

AHNR was awarded the FIMITIC Gold medal in recognition of its socio-political activities o­n the occasion.

The AHNR Manifesto of Accessibility was adopted at the end of the Seminar.

Read the detailed AHNR Seminar report  and the Manifesto.