FIMITIC Board meeting and Seminar in Portugal: Disabled People in urgent need of reforms

The FIMITIC Executive Board met in Porto, Portugal on October 28-30, 2004. The meeting followed a Joint Seminar meeting with the Board of its national Portuguese member association ANDST (National Association of Disabled by Work Accidents) which was held on 29 October. The main subjects on the Executive Board meeting agenda were: the detailed reports outlining the present and future activities in compliance of the decisions taken and with view to the ongoing preparatory work for the FIMITIC Delegates´ Conference which will take place from October 05 - 10, 2005 in Switzerland.

ALBANIA - Congress 2004: Call for Social Rights for Disabled Citizens

The Third National Congress of the Association of Labour Invalids of Albania - AALI - held in Tirana on October 8-9, 2004 was a good occasion to reflect

Romania: A matter of common sense - A new law for "Equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities"

A new law on "Equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities from Romania" is compulsory for the elaboration of a coherent disability policy within the accession process of Romania to the European Union.

Situation report on organizations of disabled people in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

After the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) a new statutory and legislative order on the basis of the new territorial, economic-political and ideological relationship order was established.

New reports from Tallinn

New content has been added regarding the FIMITIC Conference in Tallinn:

Liasion partners - Cooperation between FIMITIC and Physical Disability Council of Australia (PDCA)

As follow-up of a liaison partnership starting in 2002 and the need to exchange information and experience, improve networking, building new partnerships for projects, develop campaigns in the Asia-Pacific-Region, a cooperation concept was developed, which shall officially come into life in near future.

The main intention in line with the Articles of Association of FIMITIC and PDCA shall be:

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations inaugurated

In line with the information received by the FIMITIC liaison partner in the Asia-Pacific-Region - PDCA - (Physical Disability Council of Australia) the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations was built up earlier this year in Canberra.

FIMITIC calls for action in Estonia

FIMITIC which traditionally meets with members in countries of its advisory body meetings recently met in Tallinn on July 08-11, 2004 in response of the joint evaluation of the disability policy situation which called on to speed up its work and adapt to the need of ever - increasing demands of its member countries.

FIMITIC Executive Board reaffirms strategy to achieve non-discrimination legislation in the member countries

Tallinn, Estonia, July 8-11, 2004

At its recent meeting in Tallinn the FIMITIC Executive Board in its two day consultation within a first review of its campaign to achieve non-discrimination legislation in the member countries tried to identify the factors to strengthen the movement of persons with physical disability by awareness raising, influencing the decision making process, promoting logistic and dynamic and initiating model programmes to make disabled people visible.

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