FIMITIC Executive Board reaffirms strategy to achieve non-discrimination legislation in the member countries

Tallinn, Estonia, July 8-11, 2004

At its recent meeting in Tallinn the FIMITIC Executive Board in its two day consultation within a first review of its campaign to achieve non-discrimination legislation in the member countries tried to identify the factors to strengthen the movement of persons with physical disability by awareness raising, influencing the decision making process, promoting logistic and dynamic and initiating model programmes to make disabled people visible.

The unique opportunity for the right way towards this goal was the communication, information and alliances building seminar with its member and partner associations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, hosted by ELIL (Estonian Union of Persons with Mobility Impairment) as integral part of the Tallinn events.

The FIMITIC Board did further share understanding of urgent work needed

- Taking into consideration that rebuilding the health care and social security systems in many member countries do also have consequences for disabled people
- For focused action on constructing sustainable and equitable rehabilitation, indispensable for a coherent vision towards meeting the needs of all people, access for disabled people included.

To respond to the basic human rights for people with physical disabilities, such as the rights to education, health care, a job and social participation the FIMITIC Board agreed on that the rehabilitation issue will be the topic open part of the next Delegates´ Conference coming up in October 2005 and taking place in Switzerland.