International Conference on Accessible Tourism for Disabled People on September 11-14, 2008 in Vác, Hungary

Initiated by FIMITIC Vice-President Dr. Csaba Chikan, on behalf of the Hungarian member Association, the National Federation of Disabled Persons´ Associations - MEOSZ - and in cooperation with FIMITIC an International conference was organized about “Accessible tourism for disabled people” on September 11-14, 2008 in Vác, Hungary.

The project is based on the “Visegrad 4” member countries including Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovak Republic. The International Visegrad Fund was established in 2000.

Hungary in upsurge

In the run of its already traditional annual Lake Balaton training seminars of its leaders of the national associations, groupings and sections in August 21-23, 2003 MEOSZ met in Siofok again.

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