Hungary in upsurge

In the run of its already traditional annual Lake Balaton training seminars of its leaders of the national associations, groupings and sections in August 21-23, 2003 MEOSZ met in Siofok again.

On the agenda were socio-political issues of disabled people in Hungary on their way to join the European Union in 2004. Together with its partners of FESZT (National associations of Blind and Visually impaired, Deaf, Autism and People with Intelectual disability) MEOSZ was mainly dealing with the action plan to face with this challenge, while further preparatory work was done and open dialogue discussions held to set up in due course the Disability Council of Disabled People in Hungary as a national legal umbrella association.

Thus the Hungarian disabled people are contributing with a good example to the European Year of Disabled People 2003!
The FIMITIC representatives, members of the Organizing Women Conference 2003 Committee, attended the final part of the meeting.

As co-chairs MEOSZ President Dr.Lajos Hegedus and its Vice-President Dr. Csaba Chikan (also FIMITIC Board member) presented the draft articles of the new umbrella association and the strategy to be applied.

The FIMITIC President Marija Stiglic in her address was pointing out the vision of a social Europe as extension concept of socio-political competencies in economy, where disabled people´s concerns are included in all discussions and decisions when disabled people´s issues are on the agenda. Understanding the fears of the disabled people in Hungary on their own way to develop a more powerful network advocating their interests , she was strongly calling to stand-up together in solidarity for the improvement of the day-to-day hard living conditions, to strengthen the social relations, to enchance the exchange of experience, to change the attitudes the society responds to their needs and to develop approaches and actions dealing with authorities, influental institutions aimed at furthering the rights and oportunities to achieve social equality and full participation in community life.