Delegates' Conference

FIMITIC Delegates' Conference in Madrid on 20 October 2011

FIMITIC Delegates' Conference was held in Madrid on 20 October. The day was very busy with full of events. It started with a short Board meeting to the Board members then the Delegates' conference was held until one o' clock and after that the International conference on the UN convention began.

FIMITIC Delegates' Conference - Madrid, 20th of October 2011

FIMITIC Delegates' Conference will be held in Madrid on 20th October 2011 and the associated program will be an International Conference on the Implementation of the United Nations Convention with the title:

FIMITIC Delegates' Conference and ZDIS International Employability Conference

FIMITIC and the Federation of Disabled Workers of Slovenia ZDIS held events from 17 to 19 September in Spa Topolšica in Slovenia. The international conference the venue and the technical conditions were organized by the ZDIS. The administrative part official documents such as invitation, preliminary agenda, call for registration, statutory matters etc. was done by the FIMITIC Secretariat. 

Spirit of collective responsibility at the FIMITIC Delegates´ Conference - September 15, 2007 in the Trinity College Dublin

 Attended by participants from 14 member countries, the FIMITIC Delegates´ Conference 2007 with determination and consistency, in an open and transparent manner, approved the reports of the past period and developed a forward looking strategy by adoption of the biannual work programme on the basis of the submitted motions and proposals as follows:

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