FIMITIC Delegates' Conference in Madrid on 20 October 2011

FIMITIC Delegates' Conference was held in Madrid on 20 October. The day was very busy with full of events. It started with a short Board meeting to the Board members then the Delegates' conference was held until one o' clock and after that the International conference on the UN convention began.

Although the time of organization was short, the schedules of the associations are busy and the economic crisis influences every country and organization, several member associations sent delegates to the conference. There were delegates from 14 countries and 13 delegates had voting rights. The reports of the period 2009-2011 were accepted by the delegates.

There were some important issues discussed during the delegates' conference, which are important in the life of the federation. After several-year checking of the proper country the proposal of the re-registration in Spain was adopted by the participants. Steps will be done to register FIMITIC in Spain, in the President's country. The procedure of registration is a bit complicated but if it will be done FIMITIC will have open roads to make projects and actions in order to improve the situation of people with physical disabilities in Europe. The participants agreed on some issues and expressed their intention to exchange ideas, good practises and news on their lives.

The last few months have involved a great deal of efforts in FIMITIC in order to get an adaptation to the European economic and social situation. The two year period was very important; FIMITIC is getting a more important visibility and a bigger acknowledgement. The work in EDF is very significant. FIMITIC representation has developed in the EDF executive board. The President highlighted that the federation will pay special attention on the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities. He expressed it would be essential to bring these rights closer to people.

The Portuguese association brought in a document concerning the work situation of people with disability. The document will be published soon: All member associations were asked to bring in similar reports about the employment situation in their countries.

The venue and the time of the next Delegates’ Conference were not determined by the delegates.

After this successful event FIMITIC is looking into the future with great expectations.

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