"TOWARDS EMPLOYABILITY: Equal Opportunities - Employability for Persons with Disabilities" - just published

Bonn,Germany, 17.02.2003

The International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability - FIMITIC and the Slovenian Member Association, the Federation of Disabled Workers of Slovenia have just published the report of the FIMITIC Congress 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic, with the main topic "TOWARDS EMPLOYABILITY  Equal Opportunities - Employability for Persons with Disabilities". The edition was published with the financial support given by the Slovenian Government Office for the Informatics.

This compendium of policy and legislation in force with findings of possible equal opportunities for employability of persons with disabilities and the data o­n employment collected by the FIMITIC Member Organisations in the individual countries is an indispensable tool for everybody interested in the employability issue and disability.
The congress documentation was launched by the project manager Mrs. Yvette Galton in cooperation with further experts in the field.

The report is identifying the achievements and the shortcomings  and  showing the way forward following new trends.

The introductory papers at the congress were presented by the representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the Czech Republic, the Czech Association of Disabled persons, the International Labour Office - ILO -, the European Commission, Directorate V E 4, Unit for the Integration of people with Disabilities, the European Trade Union Confederation - ETUC -, and the company employing disabled people, Birografika BORI.

Two thematic workshops led by experts from the membership were held, o­ne o­n "Access to Employment - Motivating Disabled People" and another o­n "New Working Methods - Motivating Employers".

The publication in English is available below (PDF, 1 MB).

Editors are Marjan Kroflič and Cveto Uršič.

Saving the book to your computer first and then reading it is recommended  to use right click o­n the PDF link, choose Save As and then save to the desired location.

Employment of Disabled People in Czech Republic by Ing. Karel Rychtar

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