Final reports members: Slovenia

On the national level during 2003 the Federation of Disabled Workers of Slovenia (ZDIS) has organized the following events:

  • Concert of Choirs of disabled members of the ZDIS organizations
  • Leaflet on civilized way of parking on the parking places allowed to the disabled persons
  • Employment guidelines for the action of Trade Union concerning the employment of disabled people - signed by Trade Union and The Federation of Disabled Workers
  • “Toward Employability for Persons with Disability - Theory and Practice”, international symposium under sponsorship of the United Kingdom
  • Embassy and the Slovene Ministry for Work, Family and Social Affairs
  • “AjdovšÄina” – Project initiated of a city friendly for people with disabilities 

On the community level the associations of disabled persons, members of the Federation of Disabled Workers of Slovenia (ZDIS), have organized the following events in 2003:

  • The Exhibitions of products on art and creativity made by disabled persons
  • Panel discussions on the issue of social security of disabled persons
  • Actions in schools – non-disabled children essays on disability
  • Meetings of disabled people 2003