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ENIL: EU Parliament President Accepts Disability Rights Demands

The Strasbourg Freedom Drive was a rally to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg. It was an opportunity for people with disabilities from all European countries to join together and unite at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where they met MEPs of different countries, the forthcoming Disability Intergroup of the European Parliament and representatives of other key EU institutions.

Find out all about the 2009 European Elections

The outcome of the European elections in June will affect all 500 million people in the EU. To help prepare for this poll in 27 countries the European Parliament has launched a new "elections" part of the site. It will have all the information you need to find out about the election in your country and across the EU.

European Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation of fundamental rights in the EU 2004-2007

On 14 January 2009, the European Parliament adopted its report on the Situation of Fundamental Rights in the European Union in 2004-2007.  

The report notes the unsatisfactory situation concerning implementation of anti-discrimination policies in the EU (paragraph 34), welcomes the Commission proposal for a Council Equal Treatment Directive (paragraph 36) and stresses a balanced approach to affirmative action (paragraph 42). 

European Commission to propose a disability specific directive

Commissioner Spidla officially stated at the European Parliament Employment and Social Affairs Committee meeting on 2nd April that the European Commission would propose non discrimination legislation on the ground of disability.

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