Hotel Panda Budapest – Employing disabled people

The Budapest Hotel Panda is situated in the green Buda Hills and was recently renovated. The owners of this hotel have decided to give job opportunities to those who don´ t get them very often. Most of the employees of the Hotel Panda are handicapped.
A friend of mine took me to a governmental workplace where I got the chance to see the kind of conditions disabled people have to put up with”, commented Bela Kocsy, the director of the hotel Panda- “Then my wife and her parents decides that we were going to offer jobs to handicapped people who possess the necessary talent for the catering and hotel business.
“The guests have fully accepted our handicapped employees. In fact, most of them can´ t even tell the difference,” says Krisztina Gergely, the wife of the director. “The reason for this might be that there is only one thing that´ s special about our staff. They are even kinder, more helpful and very appreciative about someone giving them the possibility to work amongst people without disability.

I am certain that we made the right decision and I can only hope that other companies will follow our example after they see that we can actually provide a higher level of service through the professionalism and attitude of our staff.”
A presentation was made by the hotel director Bela Kocsy during the International Conference on Accessible Tourism for Disabled People in September 2008 in Vác, Hungary.

Read more about the Hotel Panda at and  the attached Article entitled “Special stay” from “Bussiness Hungary”, social issues, 2008

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