Final reports members: Croatia

The European Year of People with Disabilities 2003 for our association was the Year with many activities.

President of CUPDPA was at the same time appointed President of the Committee for the European Year of People with Disabilities. The Committee programme submitted with the first report shows many activities as round tables, cultural events etc.

During this Year, every meeting with local and governmental institutions, every contact on local or state level, every public appearance was begun by pointing out that this Year is the European Year of People with Disabilities. In the Cooperation with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior and in the frame of National program “Safety on the road”, CUPDPA participated in making Jumbo posters, which you can see on our web site.




During the Year 2003 CUPDPA has begun the mega project “Thank you, my good Angel – Your help for our everyday”, which has three goals:

  1. warning on problems of people with disabilities,
  2. motivating citizens for idea of goodness,
  3. giving the concrete help to 102 persons with disabilities. List of these persons CUPDPA made in the cooperation with 58 member associations.

This project is very successful, because of the good Organization. On the big Press Conference which was held on the Day of Human Rights, December 10, 2003 CUPDPA has announced the results (40 solved cases).

Now, in the Year 2003, the pictures book “Children’s Etiquette or how to be friends with everybody” is very popular, not just in our country. Ireland, Slovenia and Romania have officially asked for translation of this book, and several countries have asked verbally for translation.

For the International Day of People with Disabilities, CUPDPA has printed 300.000 new warning leaflets, which are warning citizens on irregular parking that make many difficulties in life of people with disabilities.



Mirjana Dobranovic, MSc


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