FIMITIC Biannual work programme for 2010 - 2011

During the following years, FIMITIC will work on various aspects so as to be able to improve the situation of all people with physical disabilities all over Europe.

Here are the objectives:

  • FIMITIC will disseminate the concept of EuroKey so that European countries can adopt this tool, which allows people with disabilities to use accessible toilets and bathrooms, which are clean and apt.
  • A decision and action will be taken about the re-registration of FIMITIC
  • The Convention of the United Nations on People with Disabilities will be disseminated and all member associations of FIMITIC will take part to ensure that all countries sign the protocol.
  • The exchange of information between different associations will be promoted so that the reality about the social and health services is known in each country and also rehabilitation centers for people with physical disabilities will be encouraged. 
  • Create social and institutional agreements so as to improve the environmental accessibiltiy and personal help, through technical aids and assistive technology.
  • Promote the EDF pact proposal to the European Union. 
  • Promote independent living in the community and our own decision making in relation to out lives. Foster the figure of the personal assistant as a means of achieving an independent life for people with physical disabilities.
  • Create an area for women with disabilities with the sole objective of eradicating the disadvantages that women with disabilities have to face. Promote actions that will avoid situations of social exclusion. 
  • Create basic channels of information so that associations can feel part of the Federation.
  • Promote employment so that the condition of equity is reached in terms of access to employment, salaries and rights. 
  • Enhance actions that countries and governments take in the areas of tourism for all and the prevention of accidents that produce physical disability, in particular, traffic accidents. 
  • Work on actions to promote scientific research that can improve the situation of people with physical disabilities and those aimed at prevention.
  • Launch a survey with a questionnaire in the member countries related to the situation of disabled people in the economic and financial crises

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