AHNR – the Association of Persons with Neuromotor Disabilities from Romania – has new president

Thursday, August 19 and Friday, August 20, 2010 the Annual General Assembly of AHNR has been hold in Arad.

Four years after the death of Monica Antoci - the founder and the president of AHNR – the relay was taken by PhD. Ion Adrian Mihalcea. Mr. Ion Adrian Mihalcea was unanimously elected as the new president of AHNR for the next four years.

The Board of AHNR has also been elected and it has 7 members:

President: PhD. Ion Adrian Mihalcea - Bucharest
Vice-president: Doina TUDORICA- Cluj-Napoca
Vice-president: Stefan STEINER –  Resita, Cars-Severin
Secretary General: Ecaterina-Ani JAGER – Arad
Secretary: Florica PAIUSAN - Arad
Member: Rodica MARIAN - Zalau
Member: Tatiana ERDOSI - Hunedoara

The most important task of the new president is to support and to represent in Bucharest the interests of AHNR’s members - 5537 de persons with neuromotor disabilities from seven County member associations out of the country.

Mr. Ion Adrian Mihalcea lives in Bucharest, has access to first hand information therefore he can intervene quickly when the rights of persons with disabilities from Romania are violated. He is involved in the disability movement for many years as he is the brother of the regretted Monica Antoci.

The contact details of the President of AHNR are:

Phone: +40-(0)217603540
e-mail: mihalceaionadrian@yahoo.com

The headquarter and General Secretary of AHNR is still in Arad

Contact person: Ecaterina-Ani Jager
Phone: +40-(0)257 – 272707
e-mail:  office.ahnr@yahoo.fr  and  jagercaty@yahoo.com