Accessible city

Access Cities Award competition advances towards the December final

In this inaugural edition, 66 European cities from 19 EU countries have been competing to receive the Access City Award 2011.

The innovative European competition sets out to showcase and reward cities of over 50,000 inhabitants which act as proactive supporters of accessibility for persons with disabilities and take exemplary steps to improve accessibility in the urban environment.

Europe will award its most accessible city on the Day of persons with disabilities

Brussels, 27 July 2010 – The European Commission announces the launch of “Accessâ—ŹCity Award”, the first European Award for Accessible Cities. This annual award aims to highlight the European cities that are taking the most effective and innovative action to improve their accessibility for disabled citizens.

It will celebrate and showcase the most successful initiatives that allow people with disabilities to participate fully in society. Accessibility is not difficult to implement, this is the initiative’s key message.

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