Activity report - ANDST - Portugal

<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Portugal is going through a serious economic recession with indirect influence, either in the health national system, or in the social security public system, putting in cause essential rights, specially those of the disabled people.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Portugal has an advanced legislation about the rights of disabled people but it has not succeeded to benefit disabled people and their families.


Despite technical and finantial difficulties with which non governamental organizations have been facing and the real politics of the country that ignores more and more the social and economic rights of the socially less favoured the National Association of the Injured Deficient in Work (ANDST) tries to fight for the social rights of the victims of the work accidents and professional diseases with persistence and devotion.

The developed activities by ANDST are:


-         attendance to the partners and non partners, victims of work accidents andd professional diseases, through a technical support

-         hospital and domiciliary visits, following the evolution of the clinical recovery of thee victims of an accident

-         organization of thematics sessions about work accidents and professional diseases, including information and approach session, in the area of project “ IODO “equal opportunities, several options” in partnership with Fenacerci

-         accomplishment of one inquiry of good practice in order to know the integration andd the integration of victims of work accidents and professional diseases victims in thee job market

-         participation in the National Council of Rehabilitation, in the Commission of the re- examination of the national list of disabilities and in the initiatives integrated in the celebration of the European year of disabled people

-         the same attitude must be kept towards FIMITIC in the scope of international relations informing ANDST at European level about work accidents and professional disease legislation.




ANDST has got some priorities:

-         re- examination of present legal rules of the compensation of work accidents in order to be more embrancing, more equitable and closer to the  U.E. countries

-         integration of work accidents in social security according to the previous comprehensive law

-         development of the project of intervention and psychotherapeutic rehabilitation in  order to support ANDST members, specially the most disabled and their families, trying their social and professional rehintegration

-         organization of a debate about the question of work accidents, namely about the adaptation of the national list of disabilities

-         struggle for the establishment of valuation centres of disabilities in the offices of the coroners of the legal medicine institutes

-         establishment of the national day of the injured person

-         preparation of a commission for the foundation of a national monument to the work victims