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European Commission Conference on "Equal opportunities for persons with disabilities - cooperation and partnership" in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bonn, January 20, 2005

A Conference on equal opportunities for people with disabilities took place on 9-11 December 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. As the European Commission finalised enlargement negotiations with Bulgaria and Romania and set out plans to start accession negotiations with Turkey and Croatia, this event brought together participants from these 4 countries.

European Commission: Proposal to advance the principle of gender neutrality

The proposal focuses specifically on the access to and supply of goods and services. So. for example, the use of sex as a factor in the calculation of premiums and benefits for insurance and related financial services would be prohibited.Despite various political commitments to equality of women and men, despite strong Treaty provisions and international texts signed by all EU Member States, the European Commission has only taken a first step to address the unequal status of women and men in society.

European Commission: Commission says a skilled and adaptable labour force is the key to future employment and productivity growth

Brussels, 09 September 2003

An adaptable skilled workforce, with access to training, career development, job mobility, flexible work organisation, and with a sense of job security is key to increasing productivity within Europe and encouraging job creation and higher employment rates.

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European Commission: Anti-discrimination rules must be in place before accession

Brussels, 03 October 2003.

As the second deadline this year approaches for putting EU rules on anti-discrimination into national law, the Commission is publishing independent research on legislation in candidate countries regarding discrimination on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation.

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European Commission: Commission continues fight against occupational diseases

Brussels, 24 September 2003

The European Commission is calling on Member States to take the necessary measures to prevent a number of illnesses that can be commonly linked to the workplace. Such measures should also enable sufferers to claim compensation.

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