A network for Women with Disabilities in Europe!

Berlin, Germany, May 2-4, 2007

More than 100 women with various disabilities founded on 4th of May 2007 in Berlin a European Network of Women with Disabilities. The founding members of 17 countries have been participants of the conference "A European Network of Women with Disabilities!" At the End of the conference, the participating women adopted a resolution including the aims of the network as well as demands for the realisation of an independent living.Elisabeth Szöllösi, co-ordinator of the FIMITIC Expert Group “Women with disabilities” from MEOSZ, Hungary, made a written contribution for the pre-conference brochure on the “Situation of women with disability in the Central and Eastern European countries”, the FIMITIC activity included.

Ecaterina-Ani Jäger, the FIMITIC woman activist from AHNR, Romania, was participating as leader of the Conference workshop on “Women with disabilities and employment”.

At present, preparations for the creation of an organisational structure are in full swing. Further information will be continuously presented.

Networks, groups or organisations of women with disabilities which want to join the European network are very welcomed.

The Conference was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth .

For the present, Weibernetz e.V. - organiser of the conference - will serve as the contact address as follows:
European Network
c/o Weibernetz
Kölnische Str. 99
D - 34119 Kassel
Phone: +49 561 72 885-85fa
x: +49 561 72 885-53
e-mail: info@weibernetz.de

- Short report regarding the participation of Ecaterina-Ani Jager / AHNR Romania nominated by FIMITIC – “Women and disabilities” Expert Group
- A short description of the content and aim of the workshop on Employment by Ecaterina Ani Jäger, Romania
- Situation of women with disability in the Central and Eastern European countries by Elisabeth Szöllösi, Hungary

and finally,

- The Resolution for the formation of a European network, to function as an organisation of women with disabilities.