SOIH report - Celebration of the international day of the disabled people 2004

Vukovar and Zagreb - Croatia, December 1-4 2004 - As the umbrella organization of persons with disabilities in Croatia SOIH every year on December 3rd is organizing the traditional manifestation called "We are warning and reminding" during which every year come together representatives of organizations of persons with disabilities and local and governmental representatives.

This year the central part of manifestation was in the wounded city of Vukovar. It started with an ceremony presentation of the ramp of the Health centre Vukovar which was opened by Deputy Premier Mrs Jadranka Kosor. After that the procession walk took place through the center of the city for about one kilometer holding transparents with messages to citizens like "Vukovar city for all", "Accessible public buildings in Vukovar", "Together for Accessible Croatia" etc.

In the most famous part of Vukovar called Borovo naselje the official part of the celebration was held.
The most important issue was the promotion of the Draft Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities which was prepared by SOIH and financed by the Croatian Government.
At the same time the Protocol for the bringing together programme "Together for Accessible Croatia" was signed by representatives of civil and war disabled and the Deputy Minister for Cooperation.

There have been present about 400 participants, representatives of persons with disabilities from whole Croatia, the Mayor of Vukovar and further local and governmental representatives.

On December 4th the President of the Republic of Croatia Stjepan Mesic offered a welcome party for all representatives of societies of persons with disabilities from whole Croatia.

On December 1st in the Croatian capital Zagreb under auspices of SOIH and the City Goverment in the Concert Hall "Vatroslav Lisinski" there was the launch of celebrations of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, organized by the biggest company, which has over 50% disabled employees.

Our members, over 250 societies all over Croatia based, on SOIH initiative were organizing celebrations of the International Day of Disabled Persons as traditional meetings with local government and other forms of celebration.

The media were as always very well involved in the whole celebrations.

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