Slovakia: Activities of the Slovak Union of Physically Disabled People in the field of culture in autumn 2008

On September 26th -28th  2008 for the fourth time the  “Kremnica´s Crutch“ – the Slovak wide  competition of people with physical disability  in singing, reciting of poetry and prose -  will take place in the premises of Toliar of this Middle Slovakia town.

Participants often present also their own creation. The competition will be hold in Slovak, Hungarian, Ukraine and Ruthenian languages. It will be led and appreciated by a jury of experts.  

The event is organised with financial support of Ministry of Culture in the Slovak Republic.

Kreminca is an ancient mine and mint town. The monetagium in Kreminca is the oldest monetagium all over the world.  Mint coins and medals are stamped for many years. 

On October 26th 2008 for the thirteenth year the beneficiary concert organised by the Slovak Union of Physically Disabled people entitled ”Artists with heart”  will take place at Hotel Bonbon in Bratislava.
Famous singers and dancers, ensembles  of Slovakia will participate free of charge in this concert, auditorium will be people with disabilities from the whole territory of  Slovakia, children as well as youth and adults and the other honest invited  guests. 
This concert is organised in favour of people with physical disabilities in the Slovak republic. The profit of the concert will serve to the good purpose, the improvement of the social – rehabilitation centre of the Slovak Union of Physically Disabled People.