Resignation of FIMITIC President

Herewith please be informed that Nigel Brander, the President of FIMITIC since 2005, due to serious health reasons by written communication unfortunately resigned from his function in March 2008.

The FIMITIC Board conveyed the best wishes to Nigel Brander and expressed the hope of all of us that he will overcome the ongoing health problems and recover soon.

It is to our great regret that following the all around successful meeting events and encounters in Dublin in autumn last year the development unfortunately turned out to be a serious question of ill – health for Nigel Brander, consequently also resulting into resignation from his elected function as President of FIMITIC.

The Management Board of FIMITIC in an urgency consultation did face with the changed situation taking a new concept of short termed work into consideration.

In line with the Articles of Association the two Vice Presidents

- Dr. Csaba Chikan, Hungary and Dr. Klaus Voget, Austria -

will act in shared responsibilities in the areas of administration and representation thus standing in substitution for Presidency of FIMITIC until next election of a new Executive Board in 2009.

The acting Executive Board will deal in the meantime with the most urgent issues toward the future working programme, structure and the Delegates´ Conference in 2009.

The new secretariat of FIMITIC in Vác, Hungary, shall further on be your central address for any communication, postal mail included!

Member and partner associations are invited to hand over to the FIMITIC secretariat any written information related to your work, activity or development in the disability field to assure that your experience and knowledge are shared with all the partner colleagues across member countries.