Presidency priorities

The Hungarian Presidency will start in January 2011, and its priorities were already announced at a Briefing organised by the European Policy Center (a think tank) last Friday with the Permanent Representative to the EU, Mr Péter Györkös.

He indicated that the Hungarian Presidency will continue work initiated during the previous Trio Presidencies of Spain and Belgium, and will focus notably on Growth and Jobs, How to make Europe Stronger (making an exit from the crisis), EU citizenship, and enlarging Europe. Discussions on a limited Treaty change are foreseen regarding the stability mechanisms, and a new financial regulation mechanism should be adopted mid next year.

In April member States will have to submit both national convergence and reform programmes foreseen under the growth and jobs strategy. EDF will prepare guidelines for EDF members to be involved in the process. The Presidency will also work towards the finalisation of decisions on different flagship initiatives under Europe 2020 and more particularly on the definition of indicators on employment and early school leaving.

Other areas of interest for EDF will be the discussions on new financial perspectives, as well as on the mid review of the structural funds. During the Presidency a proposal on the revision of the Trans-European Transport Networks, as well as a revision of the Pharmaceutical package will also be presented. In the area of citizenship, the European Commission will present its first report on the implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, and there will be a Communication on Roma citizens. Finally the Hungarian Presidency will work towards advancing accession negotiations particularly with Croatia and Iceland.

Contact: Gabor Petri |