Passengers’ rights – The rights of rail passengers now protected by EU legislation

On the 3 December, the symbolic date for persons with disabilities, the EU regulation on the rights of rail passengers entered into application. This regulation includes a chapter on the specific rights of persons with reduced mobility, thus guaranteeing important rights such as the right to transport, the right assistance by trained personnel, information in accessible formats and full compensation in the event of damaged mobility equipment.

A press conference was organised by the Vice-President of the European Commission, transport Commissioner Antonio Tajani, on this day. EDF was invited to make a short presentation and was represented by vice-President Erszebet Szöllösi. Ms Szöllösi mentioned that the regulation will improve the travel opportunities for persons with disabilities, but highlighted the importance of effective enforcement by the European Commission and the need for constructive dialogue between the national railway operators and the national disability organisations in order to ensure that the optimal impact of the regulation will be guaranteed.

European Commission Vice-President Tajani made a call to Member States to limit the number of exemptions to the regulation as much as possible. Vice-President Tajani said that he will brief his successor Mr Sim Kallas to ensure that he will continue the fight for the respect of equal travel opportunities for persons with disabilities and that he himself, in his new position as the Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, will work to ensure inclusion of persons with disabilities in issues as crucial as standardisation and access to goods and services.

Source: European Disability Forum