Focus on a citizen friendly Europe for the hungarian presidency

The Hungarian Presidency focuses on the creation of a citizen-friendly European Union; it also advocates EU citizens’ actual “access” to their fundamental rights laid down in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. To achieve this, every member state and its institutions should respect the Charter and promote its enforcement. This has also been a legal obligation of member states and EU institutions since the Lisbon Treaty came into force.

Ministers of Justice held a public debate on 25th of February on the draft directive which would grant prosecuted persons broader rights to information. The aim of the draft was to harmonize and unify the process of providing EU citizens accused of criminal offences with information about their rights. The draft directive, which is already agreed on by the member states, is among the Hungarian Presidency’s priorities. The adoption of the proposal would also strengthen confidence between member states.

How would the amendment affect the everyday lives of citizens?

The aim of the amendment is to abolish the so-called “exequatur” procedure. Specifically, a member state’s judgement in a civil matter would automatically become enforceable in other member states without any further procedure. This initiative would also assist EU citizens in asserting their claims. Discussions on the amendment will start during the Hungarian Presidency but will only be concluded during the next trio’s term.

Video interview with Tibor Navracsics, Minister of Public Administration and Justice

Hungarian Presidency Agenda