FIMITIC present at the Closing Conference on the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

The Closing Conference on the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities on November 19-20 in Lisbon, Portugal, under the auspices of the EU Portuguese Presidency aimed to draw conclusions on all the work that was accomplished during the European Year and to set out the goals for the future.

The Conference brought together more than 400 participants from all over Europe, government representatives, European institutions, social partners, and NGOs. FIMITIC was represented in Lisbon by the President of its Portuguese member association ANDST (National Association of Disabled by Work Accident), Mr. Luís Machado.

The event was marked with a very high representation of the Portuguese authorities as the opening session was chaired by the Prime Minister, with both Minister of Employment and Social affairs, and the Minister President of the Council as speakers. The European Commission was represented by the Director General on Employment, social affairs and Equal Opportunities, who announced the European Commission´ s plans for proposing legislation on article 13 in 2008, while work was still ongoing on its shape and content.

Mrs. Rodi Kratsa, Vice President of the European Parliament also gave a keynote speech.

During the workshops reports on positive actions during the year were presented related to access to rights (chaired by the President of the Disability Intergroup, Richard Howitt), gender equality, social inclusion and multiple discrimination and diversity.

While further legislation was demanded by the NGOs, the social Platform and further representatives, a resolution on the follow up of the European Year of Equal Opportunities was announced to be adopted from the part of the Portuguese Government by the Council of Ministers on employment, social affairs and health.