FIMITIC Board Meeting in Budapest - Focus on dynamic policy

FIMITIC Board Meeting in Budapest -  Focus on dynamic policy


Budapest, April 4-7,2002 -  The Executive Board of FIMITIC met  in the facilities of the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. The Board meeting was organized in co-operation with its Hungarian member, the National Federation of the Associations of Disabled Persons in Hungary - MEOSZ - .

 At its first meeting  after election in autumn last year the new Executive Board dealt with the most urgent issues within the FIMITIC´s basis programme of work priorities for 2002 and 2003 as follows:

  • Strengthening of the organisation´s structure
  • Governance, roles and responsibilities
  • Publication of the final documentation of the FIMITIC - Congress on Employability 2001 in   Prague by the member association in Slovenia  -ZDIS-
  • Effective presentation in the mass media
  • Clear missions for project work priorities in the fields Employability, Disabled Youth, Barrier-free environment/Accessibility as well as Women with Disabilities and Enlargement
  • Vision, concept and objectives of the events in Italy in 2003 in cooperation with FIMITIC´s  member association in Italy - ANMIC- to cope with:
  • The European Year of People with Disabilities,
  • 50th Anniversary of FIMITIC
  • Next FIMITIC´s Delegates Conference
  • New member organisation approved as full member by the FIMITIC Board in Budapest:
  • People With Disabilities in Ireland Ltd. - PWDI- Dublin, Ireland