EYPD 2003 - Hungary - MEOSZ

Arrangements  on  the  occasion  of  the  European Year of Persons with Disabilities  in Hungary


24th March  -  The Prime Minister attended the anniversary celebration of the 100 years old                         primary school and residential center for children with physical disability. At the same time he opened the EYPD in Hungary.

27th March  -  „Accessible Meetings” National Conference on accessibility about  achievments, further tasks and plans, projects in order to make progress in the future in the field of accessible environment, attended by:

  •  The CapitalÂ’s Council, Prime MinisterÂ’s Office State Secretary on Touristic
  • Ministry of Education, Ministry of National Heritage and Culture,
  • Ministry of the Interior, Office for Construction
  • Ministry of Health, Social and Family Affairs,
  • Ministry of Children, Youth and Sport,
  • Ministry of Employment Policy and Labour
  • Council of NGOs of Persons with Disability

A new manual on making the built environment, inc. flats accessible has been presented.  Also a range of new rehabilitation devices have been demonstrated.

28th March  -  A supplement of the bimonthly journal of MEOSZ has been issued on why is it  important to join to the European Union for people with disabilities, on the  occasion of the coming referendum in Hungary. A book will be issued containing information on the disability issues in the EU.

13th April  -  Chance for Equal Opportunities in the EU – one day programme in Kaposvár  incl. Forum and Seminar with leaders of MEOSZ and local and regional politicians, leisure time activities: sport, culture.

8-10th May  - REHA HUNGARY events:  exhibition of rehabilitation devices, seminars with  participants of disability NGOs from Central-East-European countries, cultural  and sport events, and at the end: the Day of Equal Opportunities.

24th May  - Equal OpportunitiesÂ’ Day in Csurgó – regional event organised by the local  group of MEOSZ in Csurgó (near the Slovenian border). In the cultural programme also our Slovenian friends will participate.

20th  June  -  Conference on the „Capital, which can be used by everyone” in Budapest

17-30th June -  Exhibition of artists with disability

26th July  -  Equal Opportunities within the EYPD  in Barcs– another regional event incl. forum with   mayors of all the neighburing settlements, with local and regional politicians, leaders of MEOSZ, cultural programme with demonstrating handicrafts by disabled people. Since this settlement is near to the Croatian border, we invite our Croatian friends

6th December -  Forum for the parents of children with disability in Budapest


There are some more programs in planning stage, which will be announced when it will be realistic to organise them.

Drawn up by:  Eva Caesar