EYPD 2003 - Albania - ALIA

On the Albania Labour Invalids Association Activity 2003
Mr. Omuri speech

The Association of Labour Invalids Albania - ALIA, for this year is working for the improvement of the legal framework on disability field. The association has achieved a great result for the invalids tax exemption, working in close cooperation with Ministry of Self-Government and local government units.

ALIA has the presidency of the Albania Disability Forum (ADF) for the year 2003, and together with 17 local organizations of disabled persons, parents and professionals working with/for people with disability, supported by Handicap International, ALIA is working on the strategy for disability in Albania.

ADF, Handicap International Albania Disability Rights Foundation and MEOSZ, another FIMITIC member, from Hungary, are carrying out together a common project on improvement of Albanian Disability Legal Framework related to the field of education and employment for people with disability and environment accessibility. This project is a regional initiative of disability network, financially supported by Open Society Foundation Budapest (SOROS Foundation).

We are wondering how some FIMITIC members are absent in this event with the excuse of financial impossibility to cover the trip and accommodation expenses or to pay the membership fee! What can we say about East-South European FIMITIC Member Associations, whose members are living in an absolute poverty? Should they join longer FIMITIC organization and participate in FIMITIC events? We think that financial problems cannot be an insurmountable obstacle if we want to be together and speak out a unique voice on behalf of disabled people all over Europe.

We will inform the ADF members, the Albania Government and our partners on the events held in Rome for the European Disability Year and we will try to organize local activities to celebrate it.

We think that setting up another FIMITIC Special Commission for Fundraising is necessary to ensure the existence, organization and functioning of FIMITIC organization and will allow it to organize activities to achieve the organization objectives.

Thank you for your attention.

Abdulla OMURI
President of ALIA and ADF