European Commission adopts long-awaited "social package" with renewed social agenda

On 2 July, the European Commission adopted the long-awaited "social package", containing 19 initiatives in the areas of employment and social affairs, education and youth, health, information society and economic affairs. The renewed social agenda is part of this package.

According to the Commission, the package "represents a new commitment to social Europe and consists of an integrated approach bringing together various policies. It shows how the EU can help to create opportunities, provide access and demonstrate solidarity". 

On 7 July, at an extraordinary meeting in Strasbourg, the European Parliament's Employment and Social Affairs committee will hold an exchange of views with Commissioner Špidla on the package.  In view of this meeting, EDF sent suggestions of disability related questions to MEPs.

See below for a list of useful links on the most important measures put forward by the Commission in the package, together with a short explanation: 


EDF will continue to put pressure and will concentrate its actions on 3 main priorities :

  • The proposal for an equal treatment directive
  • The proposal for a directive on patients’ rights and mobility
  • The improvement of digital divide and web accessibility as part of the Communication


On the other issues of the “Social Package”, EDF will closely cooperate with the Social Platform.

Source : Social Platform