EU French Presidency: list of key events on social issues

The Social Platform selected the main events of the French presidency that relate to social issues.

Major events related to social issues, planned by or under the French presidency:

  1. “European Social Services Conference” (European Social Network) 2-4 July Paris
  2. “Mobility, dialogue, participation: towards an active European citizenship” (European Civic Forum – European Commission) 4-6 September La Rochelle
  3. “Building a Europe of Asylum” 8-9 September Paris
  4. “The shape of European policy to 2020”(European Think Tank Forum - Aspen Institute, France) 19-20 September Paris
  5. “Equal Opportunities Summit” 29-30 September Paris
  6. “Combating illegal employment practices” 13-17 October Marseilles
  7. Round table on poverty and social exclusion” 15-16 October Marseilles
  8. “Youth Employment in Europe” (The Committee for National and International Relations for Youth and Popular Education Associations – European Youth Forum) 17-18 October Paris
  9. “The quality of European public services” 20-22 October Paris
  10. “Making the most of your European citizenship” (The European Youth Parliament) 24 October- 2 November Rennes
  11. “Social services of general interest” 28-29 October Paris
  12. “Social inclusion: a European approach for the enrolment of students with disabilities” 29-30 October Clermont- Ferrand
  13. “Social security and demographic changes from a European perspective” (Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse) 7-8 November Paris
  14. “Emerging social issues in a changing Europe” 12 November Paris
  15. “Equal opportunities for men and women” 13 November Lille
  16. “Transnational social dialogue” 13-14 November Lyons
  17. Closing conference of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 17-19 November Paris
  18. “Social Corporate Responsibility: how can works councils be involved in guiding decisions which further social cohesion and ensure the sustainability of business development” (European Trade Union Confederation, EUROPLACE) 20 November Paris
  19. “Social experiments in Europe” 21-22 November Grenoble
  20. “The most favoured European woman clause” (Association: “Choisir la cause des femmes”) 27-28 November Paris

Other events of interest:

  1. “The future of European development policies” (European-level meeting of NGOs) 27-30 October Paris
  2. 2008 Civil Forum - Euromed Non-Governmental Platform 31 October- 2 November Marseilles
  3. Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Business Europe 4-5 December Paris
  4. European Forum of non-governmental organisations on Human Rights 10-13 December Paris

Source : Social Platform