EDF met the European ombudsman Nikiforos Diamandouros in Athens

EDF President met the European Ombudsman on 28 May in Athens to discuss possible ways of cooperation.

More issues were on the agenda of the meeting, among which the Article 33.2 of the CRPD and the relations with the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA).

The Ombudsman suggested that the EDF should send him a letter on Article 33.2 framework with all EDF proposals, in order for his Office’s legal department to study it further. After this, he will answer in written form directly to the EDF. He also pointed out that although on political level he is in favor of a close cooperation with EDF, technical and legal details related to this should be first examined.

The Ombudsman also asked EDF to send him proposals on the general cooperation with the Ombudsman, so as to include some of them in the strategy for the next 5 years that his institutions will be launching soon.

EDF President and the Ombudsman agreed that a joint meeting between the Ombudsman, FRA and EDF would be needed. For that meeting, EDF would prepare a comprehensive position on article 33.2 of the CRPD in particular.

Source: EDF