Developing Anti-discrimination Law in Europe: The EU 25 comparison

In many European countries the anti-discrimination regulations did undergo an examination or change during the past years. How these guidelines are enforced in the 25 Member States is presented in the individual national country reports. On the basis of these national reports the European Network of Legal Experts in the Non-Discrimination field commissioned by the European Commission under the framework of its Action Programme to combat discrimination (2001-2006) published a comparative analysis of the anti-discrimination laws of the Member States. Some study outcomes in review: Most Member States have taken over all discrimination grounds from both EU guidelines into their national regulations. Although there were some difficulties at the beginning, the ground of Sexual orientation was taken over in most of the law regulations. Besides a significant number of States has introduced their national law out of the five Directives´ discrimination grounds (Race or Ethnic Origin, Age, Disability, Religion or Belief and Sexual Orientation). The Employment Equality Directive on appropriate measures has been transposed only very fragmentarily. Where-as some States do quote only one obligation others record on detailed guidelines on practical transposition.

All reports can be downloaded at the European Commissions´ website: