AIR PASSENGERS’ RIGHTS - New Regulation opens air space for persons with disabilities

The new EU regulation enabling disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility to enjoy equal opportunities to travel by plane entered into force on 26 July 2008.

The new rules that will give disabled persons and elderly persons access to air transport comparable to that enjoyed by all other passengers flying to or from, or passing in transit though, airports in the European Union, with no discrimination and at no additional cost.

EDF has fought several years for this much needed legislation, and contributed to its preparation, adoption, and implementation.

“The entry into force of the regulation is a significant step towards increasing the mobility and the active inclusion of persons with disabilities. Moreover – it is a way of rehabilitation of our dignity. Hitherto we have faced different kinds of humiliating barriers and uncertainties in travel such as the requirement for medical certificate for travelling, the denial of travel because we were travelling as usual alone or with a guide dog, limitation of the number of disabled persons on board and so on, and so on… ”, said the EDF President Mr. Yannis Vardakastanis.

“This regulation is a bridge for all these 50 million citizens of Europe and their families, who have been limited in their choices of movement, to the dynamic, mobile world we live in. All of us should take an advantage of these newly gained rights and ask for them, and address complaints to the airline or airport concerned as well as to the enforcement authorities, when denied”, he added.

Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006 was adopted by the Parliament and the Council on 5 July 2006.

For more information on Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006, check EDF website.

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Source : EDF Press Release