Media Release: A stronger voice of disabled people in an enlarged Europe

Joint Board meeting of FIMITIC and the Estonian Member

Association  ELIL (Estonian Union of Persons with Mobility Impairment),

July 9, 2004 in Tallinn, Estonia

Main Topic: Socio-political situation of disabled people in Europe


A stronger voice of disabled people in an enlarged Europe

Tallinn, Estonia,  July 9, 2004

The human rights of people with physical disability and their families due to lack of adequate regulations are violated in many countries. Investigations of FIMITIC and its member associations indicate that the conditions laid down in the UN Standard Rule on the Equalisation of Opportunities are not fulfilled in many countries, especially those in Central and Eastern Europe.

During its more than 50 years of existence FIMITIC, the international humanitarian non-governmental umbrella federation of national organisations of physically disabled persons, has always attached great importance to the improvement of social, occupational and societal conditions, promoting the equalization of opportunities for disabled persons and fighting against their discrimination.

On the initiative of the FIMITIC Board a joint meeting with the Board of its national member association ELIL (Estonian Union of Persons with Mobility Impairment) will be held in Tallinn on July 9, 2004.

The international consultation will focus on Human Rights instruments, awareness raising, changing attitudes, empowerment, proposed strategy to improve the quality of life and the practical cooperation measures.

The press conference is set to reflect the living conditions of physically disabled people in Estonia and in other European countries.

The mission is to develop a better understanding for the different socio-political facets of disability issues, to provide possibilities for exchange of views, experiences, to learn from good examples and to speed up the road to reform and actions needed to achieve a legal end to discrimination of people with physical disability.