FIMITIC (International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability / Fédération Internationale des Personnes Handicapées Physiques / Internationaler Verband körperbehinderter Menschen) regards itself as International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability.

It is an international, non-profit, politically independent and religiously neutral association of national non-profit organizations.

This concept outlines FIMITIC’s basic development up to the year 2005 and beyond. The concept indicates how FIMITIC will in future use its strengths and opportunities in order to solve present and future problems of physically disabled persons and their organizations.

The concept is based

  • on the international social development as well as the social development in individual states, as expected by FIMITIC, and on the development of institutions and organizations important for physically disabled persons in a narrower sense;

  • on an analysis of FIMITIC’s strengths and weaknesses;

  • on an assessment of present and future chances and problems of an international association of physically disabled persons.

The concept is an important guiding instrument for FIMITIC’s activities and conduct as well as for its member organizations, project groups and commissions.

The concept, which allows for new developments, shall be reviewed regularly. FIMITIC expects that the principles outlined in this concept will be recognized and complied with by its member organizations.


  • Following a brief introduction on what FIMITIC represents, the status of the concept within FIMITIC’s Articles of Association shall be defined in the preamble, content and purpose shall be stated as well as what it is based on and who it applies to. It shall be revised whenever necessary.

  • FIMITIC will conform to this concept in future: this shall apply to any amendments of the Articles of Association, to the main elements of its financial expenditure, to the build-up and improvement of its services and to projects at FIMITIC level as well as to projects at the level of its member associations.


1. Membership

FIMITIC shall allow the membership of representative, national, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of physically disabled persons, parents’ organizations or organizations of physically disabled who are unable to speak for themselves, provided that they are non-profit organizations which are politically independent and religiously neutral and made up of disabled persons or their representatives in a proportion of more than fifty percent.

FIMITIC may have several member organizations from one country, whose rights of participation and duties are shared among them.



  • The member organizations concerned are usually bodies of physically disabled persons parents’ organizations or organizations of physically disabled who are unable to speak for themselves.

  • FIMITIC’s strength is based on the number of disabled persons organized in its member associations acting in the interest of physically disabled persons.

  • The rights and duties of member organizations are laid down in FIMITIC’s Articles of Association, i.e. equal rights applying to all states, which are represented through member organizations of physically disabled persons.


2. Acting in the interest of equality of all human beings

The work of FIMITIC is based on the principles and structures laid down in the United Nations' Standard Rules.

FIMITIC’s fundamental principle is the equality of all human beings, regardless of their gender, any ethnic, political or religious difference or any difference in physical or intellectual capacities.

FIMITIC shall focus its activities on ensuring equalization of opportunities and full participation of persons with physical disability.

It fights against all kinds of discrimination which disabled persons are victimsof.

It shall support member organizations in their endeavours to advocate the concerns of physically disabled persons, both at national and international level.

Supported by networks and actively cooperating with national organizations of the physically disabled, FIMITIC shall contribute towards achieving the following objectives:

  • improving social relations among persons with physical disability throughout the world

  • strengthening of the national member organizations’ powers to represent the interests of physically disabled persons

  • enhancing the exchange of experiences and opinions through holding meetings, conferences and organizing other gatherings

  • developing approaches and actions for dealing with authorities, influential institutions and other bodies in matters of a supra-national nature, aimed at furthering the rights and opportunities of persons with physical disability in order to achieve social equality and full participation in community life.

FIMITIC shall gear its activities to the needs of member associations. It shall further their competence and promote their strategies in order that they can represent the interests of physically disabled persons appropriately in the national area.


  • FIMITIC will initially support the efforts of its member organizations to acquire modern telecommunications systems (Internet services). This will lead to increased transparency, facilitate contacts among members and reduce labour-intensive internal information work. FIMITIC will ensure that its member associations have access to all information relevant to physically disabled persons world-wide. At the same time it will further the capability of member associations to develop bilateral and multilateral projects as specified in this concept.

  • By providing specific directions to member organizations in designing their appearance in the World Wide Web, FIMITIC will contribute effectively towards an external appearance of solidarity. At the same time it will facilitate the speedy access of member organizations to all information relevant to physically disabled persons at the European Union, the United Nations and other international agencies.

  • Efficient means of communication will provide the basis for implementing FIMITIC’s objectives. In addition, these will contribute to member organizations becoming more interested in making their achievements become known. This will result in constantly updated information and create positive preconditions for the deliberate development of FIMITIC itself as well as for member organizations’ joint projects.

  • Member organizations are called upon to create a basis for long-range development projects and to further and advance cross-organisation cooperation by contributing pragmatic, small supporting projects, involving the exchange of personnel and on-the-job training places.

  • Global economic structures, with their growing influence on national social security systems, call for global pressure policies for all groups involved, including disabled persons. Besides efficient communication systems as a basis this will also require to re-allocate national member organzations’ own financial resources to international tasks in greater proportions than previously.


3. Secretariat, Organization

FIMITIC shall run a functional, performance-oriented secretariat based on professional structures.

The secretariat shall be responsible for all operative and general executive functions within FIMITIC, and for this purpose will be furnished with all material, all formal and financial powers as well as with the required resources.

In line with FIMITIC’s financial resources and practical circumstances the secretariat will be located at a place decided by the Board.

It is necessary to bear in mind that any incompatible financial dependency upon individual member organisations must not be allowed to occur.

The language for internal communication within FIMITIC shall be restricted to English.

When appointing personnel to its bodies, commissions or project groups, FIMITIC will ensure that both genders are equally represented and shall give preference to persons who have already taken on executive responsibility in member organizations or persons who have already shown outstanding performance in important international bodies, relevant to physically disabled persons, and who work in close contact with their national member organizations.

It will ascertain that its commissions and project groups are efficiently managed.


  • FIMITIC will in future intensify its participation in international bodies for the promotion of concerns of physically disabled persons. This will also allow FIMITIC to better consider the needs of national member associations and at the same time it will be able to function as a bridge for member organizations where promotional programs for certain states and their NGOs are concerned (e.g. programs launched by the EU Commission especially in EU states and in countries in transition).

  • The use of English as language in internal communication will result in considerable savings of translation costs; member associations are also requested to use English as language in their international activities.

  • FIMITIC will in future depend on an efficient and highly qualified permanent secretariat more so than previously. It will be necessary to find new financing resources through adjustments and new allocation of membership fees as well as the creation of new sources of income. As far as possible synergies with other international organizations of the physically disabled should be made use of in this context.

  • FIMITIC will adopt a coherent planning system at all levels in order to implement the concept.

  • FIMITIC will realize the set objectives in line with the implementation plan set out for each project; this will include the objectives specified in this concept (social relations/representation of interests/exchange of experience and opinions/actions and project assistance).